Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use ServOP?
Any Company that sends workers to job sites to complete tasks.
Why should I use ServOP?
Our software is designed to streamline your operations to make you more efficient and more profitable.
Does ServOP distinguish different types of employees in my company?
Yes. A user with proper permission will be required to assign a role to each employee, i.e. Crew Member, Crew Leader, Admin, Area Manager, Service Manager, Dispatcher, Estimator, Billing, HR.
Can employees clock-in to their jobs using their cell phones?
Yes. Any employee who you designate as a crew leader can log on to with any mobile device to review his/her jobs for the day. For each job, the crew leader can log his/her hours as well as other crew members, and can manage equipment and enter material costs.
Can employees check hours worked and upcoming schedules on their mobile device?
Yes, for a small extra fee. For an extra $20 per month, an unlimited number of workers can log on to with their mobile device browser and view their hours worked and upcoming assignments.
Will ServOP make it easier to process my payroll?
Yes. The clock in/out times can become your payroll for hourly employees.
Are there any limitations to the 30 day free trial?
No limits. You start with a 3 user package. Add packages as necessary. After 30 days, billing will start according to the packages in use at that time.
How is my data stored?
Each ServOP customer has their own SQL Server database, secured in the cloud and regularly backed up.
Who owns my data?
Your data belongs to you. We just store it for you in a safe place in the cloud.
Can I export my data?
Yes. Most data is exportable to CSV and Excel file formats, as long as you are a customer in good standing.
What data must I enter into ServOP before I can begin to use the program?
Besides the more obvious company info and some sensible preferences, all you really need are Parts & Services which make up the core of the jobs you will create in ServOP. (Although you could simply enter 1 category and 1 miscellaneous item, and then you would write the description of each item every time.)
Can I import my existing service items and categories into ServOP?
Yes. Enter your existing items in a pre-defined excel spreadsheet and click the button on the Import page.
What else can I import into ServOP?
Using our pre-defined excel spreadsheets, fill in information for your Customers, Contacts and Equipment, then import from that spreadsheet using our Import page.
How much does it cost to use ServOP?
Please see our pricing page for specifics, but, pricing is based on the number of people in your company who will logon and use ServOP.
Are there any long-term contracts?
No. ServOP is a month to month subscription.
30 Daytrial

Get started with a no obligation 30 Day FREE trial of the ServOP platform.

30 Day trial

Get started with a no obligation 30 day FREE trial

  • We significantly increased our productivity and profitablility for a fraction of the cost of adding an additional office worker. Now my rep can leave the office and spend time with our clients.